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Copyright Notice

This blog is written by Linda M. Hasselstrom with additional quotations and authors as noted and credited.

All rights to Linda M. Hasselstrom’s work published on this website whether now existing or which may hereafter come into existence are reserved to and by the author.

This means that you may not reprint blogs or blog content from this page without permission. To do so is a violation of the author’s copyright.

Links to this WordPress site, or to individual blog posts residing here, are fine and dandy.



My Philosophy on Blog Links

While I will definitely watch and read others’ blogs, I want to keep my blog page simple and uncluttered, and therefore my blog will not officially follow any other blogs.

I may, from time to time, mention or encourage reading of the blogs of others, but I’ll do so within my own blog, or on my Facebook page. I prefer to keep this blog strictly focused on my own writing.

I apologize if this seems like a narrow focus, but as a writer one of my concerns is how easily I might follow this link and then that link and then click on that intriguing story– and soon my writing time has vanished along with my inspiration. As a teacher of writing, I’d like to help keep other writers focused: so while I’ll provide here what I hope will be inspirational reading, I won’t furnish links to lead you further astray from your own work.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Links & Copyright

  1. Mary Gunderson

    Hi Linda, are you still offering writing retreats? Had lost track of you and thanks to Luann Waters you are found to me. Glad to be ‘following’ you. Ranchers have been on my mind in light of the March and a April storms and devastation and an especially tough calving season. All the best to you.

    1. Hi Mary — we almost missed your message since it was tucked away here on the copyright page; best to use the “contact Linda” method.

      I just reread your wonderful piece in LEANING and the sad, terrifying piece in WOVEN.

      I definitely am still offering writing retreats and would be delighted to have you here to write– either by yourself or come with someone of your choice that would also like to write. Most retreats include working with me on your writing, but I also offer solitary retreats for writers (or photographers or other artists) who want to spend a few days working on their own.

      You’ll find information on my website,, and more information on my retreat house Facebook page

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