Book Remarks: Mystic Travelers by Gail Crane

With Mystic Travelers: Images from the Edge, the reader receives not only a book but an invitation to join these two Mystic travelers on adventures to the edge of the world we know through Facebook and their website.

When she married well-known South Dakota artist Jon Crane, Gail Crane was catapulted out of her previous existence and into an entirely different life. Geographically, socially, spiritually, Gail was transformed and began to trust and embrace the unknown. Gail writes in this book with a poetic vision, telling us of the history of that ongoing adventure; there is no end in sight.

For the 27 years of their marriage, this delightful couple have combined their talents. John paints brilliantly, and takes gorgeous photographs; Gail puts considerable energy into navigating the demands required by the business of supporting yourself by selling your art. Her account of their ongoing journey bursts with her personal vignettes and spiritual insights, and is beautifully illustrated by Jon’s  photographic artistry.

The back cover
features Cosme.

Read the book, then join the couple and Cosme, cat who adopted them, for exciting escapades in Mexico and the American West.

You will also see many photos that couldn’t fit into the book by going to the website,, or look for Jon Crane on Facebook.

Linda M. Hasselstrom
Windbreak House Writing Retreats
Hermosa, South Dakota

© 2020, Linda M. Hasselstrom

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Mystic Travelers: Images from the Edge
A Travelogue-Memoir by Gail Crane.

Hardbound: $29.95 plus tax and shipping.
ISBN print: 978-0-9915449-8-1;
ISBN e-book: 978-0-9915449-9-8.

Available from Gail Crane
PO Box 1100, Hill City, SD 57745

One thought on “Book Remarks: Mystic Travelers by Gail Crane

  1. julieweston

    Thanks for telling about this book. I will order it. My husband and I did something a little similar with our book, The Magical Universe of the Ancients: A Desert Journal. I wrote the text and he took the photographs around the Four Corners area of the Southwest. I am eager to see Gail’s work and her husbands art and photographs. Our book is at .Thanks, Linda.

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